MAESTRO is a design, analysis, and evaluation tool specifically tailored for floating structures, and has been fielded as a commercial product for over 30 years with a world-wide user base. MAESTRO’s history is rooted in rationally-based structural design, which is defined as a design directly and entirely based on structural theory and computer-based methods of structural analysis (e.g., finite element analysis and structural limit state evaluation). At MAESTRO’s core is a structural design tool developed to suit the needs of ship designers and naval architects. Further, the MAESTRO development staff and support team are themselves naval architects who understand the ship design and analysis process. The MAESTRO Technology is organized within an open software architecture, with a set of core components, and integration with supporting software modules and interfaces. The MAESTRO Technology depiction below highlights the key functional and integrated features of this advanced system developed specifically for the structural design, analysis and optimization of ship structures.

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