The ALPS/ULSAP module adds an additional set of limit state criteria to MAESTRO’s automatic failure mode evaluation. The features of ALPS/ULSAP include:

  • Ultimate limit state evaluation of unstiffened uni-axially stiffened panels and cross-stiffened panels.
  • Any combination of load components, namely longitudinal axial compression or tension, transverse axial compression or tension, edge shear, longitudinal in-plane bending, transverse-in-plane bending-and lateral pressure can be applied.
  • Either steel or aluminum alloy material can be dealt with, considering the softening effect in heat affected zone caused by welding.
  • Initial imperfections in form of initial deflections and welding residual stresses are dealt with as parameters of influence.
  • Various types of structural degradation such as corrosion wastage (general or pitting), fatigue cracking-and local denting are dealt with as parameters of influence.
  • Impact pressure action arising from sloshing, slamming and green water can be analyzed for providing permanent set in terms of panel deflection.