Structural Optimization

MaestroMarine LLC offers structural optimization services for those customers looking for an optimized structural design that minimizes structural weight, minimizes cost, assures structural safety, and manages the structural vertical center of gravity. These optimization services can be applied to an existing customer’s finite element model, or can be built by MaestroMarine LLC.

MAESTRO Ultimate Limit State Based Optimization

The MAESTRO Optimization module allows optimization of a given structure ranging from a single stiffened panel to a hull girder cross section to a full-ship model using a multi-objective, heuristic-based optimization approach. The optimization uses the MAESTRO loading patterns and ultimate limit state (ULS) evaluations (and their safety factors) to optimize the structure for minimized weight and cost while maximizing structural safety, given a set of user-defined constraints. These constraints can be defined by structural member size limits, ratios, or by the MAESTRO structural element library. During the optimization setup, design clusters are defined which ensure scantling properties are consistent throughout the cluster to support realistic and producible designs. For each optimization iteration, a new finite element analysis is run with the updated scantling properties and adequacy parameters are evaluated and used to optimize the structure for the next iteration. The optimization module allows the user to select from a variety of optimization methods including Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, Monte Carlo, and an exhaustive search.

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